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Tracking Your Way to SEO Success

One of the best ways to achieve success is to track your progress and continually make improvements and better your best.

Tracking helps you stay focused and keep making progress towards the goals you have set.

Big goals are much more attainable when you break them down into small steps that you take on a regular basis.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So I’ve heard. :)

You can apply the small steps to big success strategy to any aspect of your life where you want to improve.

Whether you want to get more Twitter followers, make more money, or get more Facebook fan page likes, tracking and tweaking can help you get there.

When it comes to online success one of the best ways to get better results is by improving your search engine rankings.

Recently I signed up a new SEO client, Hollywood Painting from Toronto, and what I set up for them is the same thing I do for my own websites: track key metrics and continually take action to make sure the numbers I’m tracking are always improving.

Want to get to #1 in Google?  Figure out the keyword phrase you are aiming for, track where the page you are trying to rank is ranking right now, and build high quality links back to the page you are optimizing until you get to #1.

Of course there is more to SEO than just tracking but nonetheless tracking and taking action are two essential elements of any successful SEO campaign.seo-success-gears

One great thing about social media is that every share of your content builds another link that will help your SEO improve.

Publishing shareable content is one of the most powerful link building strategies there is.

What makes content shareable content? Shareable content is content that goes above and beyond your average blog post.

Content with more points, more images, and more value all around.

Make your content more accessible by recording a video, offering the audio as an Mp3, and creating an accompanying text post with links to any resources you mention.

Creating shareable content will take you longer to produce, but the results you get will be considerably greater than if you simply banged out as many blog posts as possible.

One of the products I created within Social Media Power is called Social SEO Synergy and it explains how I have used social media to supercharge my SEO and get several #1 rankings in Google.

If the main lesson from that eBook were to be distilled down into a sentence that sentence would be:

Create exceptional content that people want to share and will get plenty of traffic from social media sites that will help you move up in the search engines and get plenty more traffic from Google as well.

So go forth, be remarkable, and track the progress you make on your way to massive success!


What do you track?  What do you think are the most important metrics to track in an online business?

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