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36 Rules for Generating Viral Publicity

This post is based around a powerful new infographic from my friends at the viral media marketplace Stuntbuxx.  Their brand new infographic contains 36 Rules for Generating Viral Publicity.

Following the rules for generating viral publicity is important for everyone because this helps improve the person’s ability as a whole especially when it comes to doing online business.

A lot of successful online businesses followed these rules and the increased publicity they have gotten has generate plenty of extra success.


Here are the 36 viral publicity rules:

  • 1. Celebrities Do Matter
  • 2. PR Web is Gold
  • 3. Write Down 100 Ideas Before Deciding on 1 – Before you decide on one thing, make sure that you know the right things to consider.
  • 4. Richard Branson is a Publicity God
  • 5. Coffee Talk over Focus Groups – It is fine to have coffee and take some time to unwind so that you can think of better ideas.
  • 6. Current Affairs – What’s Trending – Knowing the latest news and trending issues is important so that you can always stay updated.
  • 7. Pick Up the Phone
  • sms-logo8. Try An SMS Campaign – Doing SMS campaign can help you and your business to reach other mobile users faster and easier.
  • 9. Find Out Now – Don’t delay what you can do today.
  • 10. T-shirts Still Work – T-shirt really works if you will use it on your advertising campaign.
  • 11. Ask For Ideas – It can also help you if you will ask for some advice from other successful business owners online.
  • 12. Challenge a Niche Audience and Try out – Challenging your niche can help you get more target audience.
  • 13. QR Codes Works
  • 14. Think Mobile – Using the opportunities offered by the mobile market is important so that you can reach more audience through mobile campaigns.
  • 15. Interrupt Your Audience – Get the attention of your audience.
  • 16. Online Videos Matter – Having an online video really helps.
  • 17. When Being Interviewed, Tell Stories – Tell stories with sense.
  • 18. Make Them An Offer They Can’t Resist – Always give your best offer.
  • 19. Laser Missile Over Shotgun Blast
  • 20. Get Behind A Good Cause – Show that you can help change the world.
  • 21. Be Persistent – Always be persistent.
  • reddit-logo22. REDDIT Works
  • 23. Outflow = Inflow – Always check the in and out flow of your business.
  • 24. Who Gives A Shit? If You Can’t Answer This, No One Else Will
  • 25. Don’t Try & Be Cool – Do what you can and always have patience.
  • 26. Use Online Community Calendars – Keep track of important dates.
  • 27. Emotion Over Logic or Don’t Make Them Think – Always go straight to the point.
  • 28. Predict A Rising Trend & Attach To It – Be creative and don’t be afraid to explore things.
  • 29. Innovate Like the Blair Witch Project
  • 30. Ask for Buy 1 Get 1 – Give some freebies to your customers.  Give away an eBook or an eCourse on your site and then follow up with an auto-responder sequence.
  • 31. Be Outrageous – Always maximize the benefits of the opportunities coming your way.
  • 32. Listen To The Radio Regularly – Communication is important in business.
  • 33. Guest Blog Guest Speak – Add some guest blog posts for other people.
  • 34. Every Day is April Fool’s Day – Every day, there is a new challenge.
  • 35. Do Whatever It Takes To Get Featured On Mashable & Fast Company
  • 36. HootSuite Improves Creative Time


Viral Publicity Infographic Feedback

Have you ever used one of these viral publicity rules?

What Rules for Generating Viral Publicity from this infographic do you think are the most powerful?

Let us know in the comments below!

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