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Digital Marketing Foundation Course

Marketing - 1

These days even a mere communication is banked on the digital medium and a large amount of a firm’s presence and reputation depends on digital platforms. It is therefore important for any aspiring marketing candidate to have an extensive overview of internet marketing.

Digital Marketing Foundation strives to provide a thorough understanding of how each discipline of internal marketing functions individually and how they work together. This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of candidates venturing into the dynamic field of digital marketing.

With the evolution of new avenues the industry is rapidly changing, therefore careers are accordingly. An education in digital marketing might be a valuable experience. At the end of this course you will be armed with enough information to confidently discuss each area of internet marketing to clients, consultants and team members. This course will adequately prepare you to move on to a Masters education in each domain. The training received will continue to sustain the candidate, even after the final class.

The course seats are limited and will be only offered to a select group of candidates only. The selected few candidates will be provided with a private coaching experience. There will be experts imparting one-on-one interaction and walk you through the course content, exercises, etc.  The expert will enable the candidate to choose for Masters Certification in the selected areas of domains:

  • Sear Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SME)
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search and Conversation Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing Fundamentals

At the end of the course the candidate will receive a certification issued by the concerned authorities.

If you are genuinely interested in this highly interactive and one of its kind course, then click here to fill out the form.

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