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10 Great Guest Posting Tips for More Traffic and Links


Guest posting is an excellent SEO and traffic generation strategy that is used as a promotion by the owners of blogs and websites with an aim to increase the visibility of their pages online.

If you are a blogger or writer and you want to post your blog on a certain website, you can get started by following these guest posting tips.

These suggestions will help you create more successful opportunities for your blog posts to be accepted by the websites you want to guest post on.

1. Create a List of Sites You Want to Guest Blog on

Start by creating a new spreadsheet with a list of the top blogs in your niche you want to guest blog on.

To get the best results sort the sites by their Alexa ranking and contact the owners of the better ranking websites first.

2. Take Time to Familiarize Yourself with Your Target Websites

Visit the pages of the host site to make yourself more familiar with the website itself before you request permission to publish a guest post.


3. Create Rapport with the Owner of the Blog You are Posting on

Comments are a great way to reach out and make a good impression on the person you want to guest post for.

Reaching out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is another smart way to help blog owners become aware of you.  To help with this you should check out the free social networking plugin for chrome and Gmail: rapportive.

Deliver high quality content so that the blog owner will want you to come back and guest post again.

4. Contact the Webmaster and Ask to Guest Post

Most blog will have a contact form and all blogs will have the ability to comment on posts.

Leave insightful & valuable comments on your target blog and it is possible to gain favor with the site owner and this can be a great reference point if writing an email asking if you can publish a guest blog with them.

5. Treat Your Author Biography as a Marketing Tool

When you write a blog for your host website, you should never forget to provide brief information about you.

Include some information about the website you are trying to promote and include a call to action for people to click the link you are sharing.

6. Have High Quality Standards

When your blog or article is designed to be posted on the blogging site owned by somebody else, it does not mean you should not respect your own standards.

Build your ideas, choose the best words to use and don


7. Do Plenty of Research about the Blog Post You Write

informative and well-written articles are those which are commonly accepted as guest blogs.

It will be good if you check the web first about the ideas you will include in the content of your blog before you write.

8. Reference Successful Posts You’ve Published in the Past

If contacting a blogger by email to ask if you can write a post for their blog reference the most successful posts you’ve written in the past.

If you’ve written posts that have been shared hundreds of times or have written for other notable blogs then there is a good chance that these will help you seal the deal.

9. Find Blogs to Guest Post on Using PostRunner

PostRunner is a WordPress integrated service that simplifies guest posing for authors and publishers.

They have over 600 sites registered already, and if you browse through those sites you’ll be able to see their PageRank, the minimum word count they require and the number of links they allow on the byline.

You can also filter the results to specific categories and keywords.

Here is a graphic showing how PostRunner works:


10. Get a Free MyBlogGuest Account

MyBlogGuest is a forum with a community of bloggers.

You can start a thread talking about the types of blogs you are looking to guest post on or you can respond to a thread looking for authors.

I have used this community before and it does work, but the articles you get might not always be of the highest quality.

It’s worth checking out for sure.



Have you done guest posting before?  Are you interested in writing a guest post for us here at Smart Online Success?  Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Responses to 10 Great Guest Posting Tips for More Traffic and Links

  1. ctarkoff March 1, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Wow! Thank your for tactical advice on guest blogging. I will use your suggestions to get my first guest blog!
    Thanks, Christina.

  2. muscleover40 March 2, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    Thanks for a great post. Some great points I run a fitness site and have a few guest posts on my site. I have a very strict policy about accepting posts though and you should always check were the link is pointing to and read some of the previous articles.

  3. SocialWithRita April 11, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    Great suggestions on guest posting to blogs!

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