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Facebook vs. Google


A question that I often get from budding online entrepreneurs is “should I focus on building my Facebook page or should I build a website?”

Many people start with a Facebook page, since it’s free, but by taking a closer look at these two networks it becomes clear how each site can help you succeed online.

Globally, Facebook and Google wrestle for the #1 spot.  Below is a screen capture of the Top Global Sites page from


Some consider Google #1, other consider Facebook #1.

Even Alexa is undecided.  They claim Google is #1 in the US, but #2 globally.


Whereas Facebook is #1 Globally, but #2 in the US.


The reason for the dilemma is that Google typically has more visitors than Facebook, however these visitors usually only stick around for a short while as they do a search.

The quick average visitor time of Google is a stark contrast from Facebook, which is the “stickiest” website on the net, and has an average visitor time that has been pegged as high as 20 minutes per visitor.

For entrepreneurs Facebook offers a great option for those who want to get started but are lacking cash.

With a Facebook page you don’t need to buy a domain and you don’t need to pay for hosting…

…and there are plenty of cool free Facebook page apps.

Here are three powerful free apps I use:

Twitter for Pages by Woobox (Import your Twitter)


YouTube for Pages by Involver (Import your Videos)


And for those who want to customize their page like a ninja there is:

Woobox iFrame App (Create custom apps in your page)


Facebook pages can be powerful and to discover their full potential you should check out Facebook Power.

However there is one undeniable fact about Facebook that can either help or hinder you depending on how you structure your business: Facebook is addictive.

As powerful as Facebook is if you centre your business on Facebook, rather than on your own platform, you might find it hard to focus and make the progress you need to succeed.

Google is the King of Referral Traffic

An important thing to consider is that the #1 thing that has helped me build my business more than anything else has been the free visitors I have gotten from Google.

On all of my websites, without exception, Google is the #1 source of my traffic.

Even my website about Facebook gets more visitors from Google than anywhere else.


So if you can afford some web hosting and a domain I recommend you start a self-hosted WordPress website as soon as possible so you can benefit from the massive amounts of free targeted visitors from Google as well.

If you want help getting started with a WordPress website I have helped many people get set up before so simply contact me and let me know what you have in mind and I’ll be happy to help you get off to a strong start.

My business partner Luke is an awesome WordPress web designer and we can help you get up and running with a great looking fully customized and optimized WordPress powered site for as little as $99.

If you prefer to do it all yourself that’s cool too, I recommend you go with Bluehost for reliable and affordable web hosting.


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  1. zenslyservices June 2, 2014 at 6:21 am #

    google is search engine and facebook is a social site

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