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The Best 3 Short Link Tools to Use For Maximum Traffic

The following three link shortening tools have gotten me more clicks and brought more traffic to my sites than any other services.

Here are those 3 tools so you can use them too and profit from the traffic they send.

I’ll also explain how each of the three tools attracts clicks from a unique audience.

1. bitly


I consider bitly the premiere link shortening software for a few important reasons.

First of all every bitly link contains anayltics that you can access simply by adding a + sign to the end of the link.

Another awesome feature of bitly links is that they are customizable.  It is possible for you to create

You can also use technology on a domain that you own: free of charge.  I have seen some companies charge $50 a month for this feature.

There are a few other short domains that are integrated with technology as well:

For those tweets where you just need a tiny bit more room does the trick!

Sharing a Facebook link and want to track your clicks or customize it? is a great way to go! These links can be customized as well.


Despite the rise of Facebook, Google is still the #1 site in the

You gain some of the trusted that comes with the Google brand when you use links and for this reason your links will get more clicks from people who feel a strong connection with Google. links do track clicks, but are not customizable.


The title of the homepage for the URL shortener is “Drive More Traffic with Your Short URLs!”

StumbleUpon is still the #1 social media site on the net for referring traffic.

When you use the StumbleUpon link shortening tool this also submits the content for people to stumble.

I have had content go viral on StumbleUpon in the past and this has led to me getting over 100,000 views from a single post!

Although StumbleUpon traffic tends to bounce from your site faster than traffic from other sources, when you are getting tens of thousands of visitors or more this can certainly help your site grow!

Google also tracks how many times posts are stumbled and if you have a post that goes viral on StumbleUpon this will increase the organic ranking of that post in Google search results as well.


If you share your content on Twitter try using a different style of link each time you share it and then track your results.


What link shortening tool do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Scottatsm4hc May 31, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    Garin, Timely post. just changed their interface and even though I’m sure it must be better (otherwise why bother), frankly I find the new format bothersome.  Customizing url’s is valuable, so someday will likely return but for now will try out your two other options.

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