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How to Set Up Your Own Fully Functional WordPress Website in Just 10 Minutes!



Running a business online requires a website and if you are going to be a serious player online you need to build your site on WordPress.

Currently WordPress power about half of the top 100 sites on the web.


The fact that my websites are WordPress is a huge part of the reason why my sites get thousands of visitors a day and I am able to work full time online.  All of my sites are built on WordPress and thousands of successful bloggers can say the same.

If you want to get serious about blogging online I recommend

Work through this tutorial to have your own fully functional website set up in the next 10 minutes.

1. Go to the Bluehost WordPress page and click Sign Up Now.


2. Type your favorite domain name idea into the “Enter Domain Name” field and click “Next.”


3. Enter your account information

  • Make sure you enter an email address you check often.
  • I typically choose the 12-month plan at $6.95 per month.
  • Enter your billing information and click ‘Next.’
  • Uncheck the three boxes next to the add-ons (they’re not necessary for a brand new blog).



4. Skip all the upgrade offers and click “Complete.”

You can always add them later if you feel like you need them.





5. Click “Create your password.”



6. Choose a complicated password and click ‘Submit.’

Don’t forget to write it down and save it!


7. Enter the password you just created and click “Login.”



8. Click “Install WordPress Now”


 9. Click “WordPress”



10. Click “Install”


11. Save your WordPress Username and Password.

12. [Final Step] Type in your domain name and check out your new blog!

Congrats! :)

You have now set up your very own WordPress blog and you are ready to start creating income from your NEW traffic generating website.

Empower Media Inc.